Cut it out! Those Goofy Cut-Outs


Did anyone ever tell you to "cut it out?" At the fair there's usually a section with silly cutouts where you stick your face into a hole and take a photo of your head appearing on some goofy caricature. People love these things-they're kind of fun. Some places where they're permanently installed include Andersens Pea Soup restaurant in Buellton off the I-101 in Central Coast California. You'll also find them at Halloween pumpkin patches and Oktoberfests. While there is no evidence that these cut-outs do anything more than grab attention in front of stores and food stands, if you're hosting a fair, festival or function, it's a cheap way to make the event a lot more entertaining. Every place I've ever been, people head for the cut-outs and take photos. Cut it out!

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