Don’t Rush my Rush Hour–I’m Busy Watching the Sun Go Down!


One of the perks of evening drives in the winter months is that you can catch the sunset on your way home. Pictured is the sunset I saw out my car window on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011. What is most frustrating about seeing the sun go down when you drive is not the beautiful images you try to capture when the stoplight turns red, but the cars, poles and urban “noise” that obstruct your views and cut out the things you want to see and take pictures of most–such as the sun, a pier, and palms.

I was stopped in the middle lane waiting for the light to turn green just as the sun dropped down. A funny thing happened. I had my car window down and was using my big Canon camera. Other drivers from the next lane of traffic saw me snapping away, and they drove forward or stayed back in their lane, providing an open space for me to get the images I sought. Talk about neighborly! People can be really nice when you least expect it.

Enjoy the rush hour drive which usually is more of a snail’s pace than a rush, or as one person says to me all the time, “Enjoy the journey...the journey is the reward!”

Here is a previous post about favorite places to watch a sunset in California.

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