Easter Eggs on Coast Highway in Corona del Mar, CA

You never know what you'll see when driving along Coast Highway 1 in Corona del Mar. The community whose name means "crown of the sea" features a center divider with bushes shaped like large dolphins. When Christmas comes the dolphins wear Santa hats. At Halloween there may be some sort of related theme. And each year in the spring just before Easter, the community volunteers decorate the roadside bushes and shrubs with big Easter eggs, bows, baskets and colorful surprises such as the over-sized-artificial flowers.

If you have your camera ready while you are driving and you get stopped at the red light near the dolphin topiary (which happens often,) be sure to take some fun pictures providing memories of your drive along the ocean-side route that goes between San Diego and northern California. There is also a community tile wall near the road with festive, hand-painted tiles created by community members.

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