Facebook Addiction: Get Off of Facebook and Look at My Face, Mommy!


We were wandering the beach last night before sunset and noticed that everyone was on a phone, talking or texting–except for this family shown. They were having a great time! They said ‘hi’ to us and were really nice. They were laughing, giggling and getting exercise. They were the exception.

We’ve seen it throughout California from the beaches to the mountains to nearly every restaurant where people sit, stand, or drive-thru and wait for food. Parents are texting and socializing with friends on Facebook while their babies, toddlers and little ones are languishing for attention. They need love. Get off the cell phone, mom or dad, and pay attention to your kids!

The conversations that keep parents and adults diverted go like this: “I’m in Burger King now. Here’s a picture of the counter where I am waiting for my burger. The clerk is jerk. Do I have to keep waiting?” OR “I’m walking to my car, look at me! Wow!”

It’s almost funny if it weren’t so sad. At one restaurant recently we ate a meal and watched the table next to us where the kid (probably around 6 years old) sat sandwiched between the parents who were both texting other people and not talking to each other, looking at their food, or their child who stared blankly and began to fidget for some attention.

It’s OK to love your portable devices and feel comfortable being in constant communication with people elsewhere. But if you went to the trouble to start a family or buy a dog, for gosh sakes, please say hello and talk to those innocent little creatures!

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