Former POW Tony Marshall Speaks at Western Museum of Flight

Former Prisoner of War Tony Marshall Explains His Ordeal & Offers Advice For Life in Torrance Presentation

On May 3, 1972, Air Force Captain Tony Marshall's F4 Phantom fighter-bomber exploded over North Vietnam and he was captured when he parachuted to the ground. The Navigator and Veteran of 266 missions in Southeast Asia told a spellbound audience at the Western Flight Museum in Torrance that he was transported to Hanoi, where he joined other Prisoners of War.

Marshall doesn't think his plane was shot down but that a centerline fuel tank collapsed, leading to the explosion that led to his ejection. The distinguished member of the 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron told how intelligent his captors were-very well-organized and chockfull of information on him and other POWs. He thinks Soviet Intelligence may have helped gather information from newspapers and research in the US since some Vietnamese files on our troops "had way too much information. They even had personal info on me when I was a kid." Read more...>

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