Got Vert? San Jose Has the World's Tallest Vertical Wall of Any Skate Park!


It's great to see how many California cities have responded to the needs of their skateboard population by building parks for skate & bmx riding. Some cities that once were leaders in the skate revolution have slipped behind and their offerings are now meager at best. Huntington Beach is one such example. It's main skate park was torn down, and even though it was small by today's standards, it was nearly always in use in its location in front of Huntington Beach High School. While some cities are feeling voids, there are a lot more places that are becoming recognized for their great sports opportunities.

For those looking for places to skate, you'd be pretty happy to come across the largest skate park in California in San Jose. It cost $4.7 million to build, and boasts at having the 68,000 square feet of superlatives. The skate park is worth a visit for those seeking to connect with righteous pavement. If you know the way to San Jose, head for Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park. It redefines community services.

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