Guinness Record Tie-Dye


See Inez Harwood’s Guinness World Record 5’5″ high x 3041′ long tie-dye at St. Francis Festival ( through October 5, 2014 in Hayfork, CA. Harwood was initially unable to find an American made piece of cloth from 100% U.S. cotton till she tracked down Dharma Trading Company in Petaluma. Inspired by the challenging journey, she calls the piece Vibrant Protest: Liberty.

Inez Harwood nearly died in a car wreck returning home from an Oregon vacation. The Greenville, California native who now lives in Utah, slid up through the top of her seat-belt allowing her head to crash through the sunroof and make contact with the road. Inez survived; the staples in her scalp today are a remnant of the surgery to piece her scalp together. When she was released from the hospital, doctor’s warned that chances for a full recovery were remote because of permanent effects of head trauma. Despite her disability and enduring health conditions related to the accident, the beautiful, blue-eyed wife and mother of two children has spent the past decade:

1. Recovering from her injuries
2. Graduating from the Utah Valley University Bachelors of Fine Arts Program in 2013
3. Setting a Guinness World Record for creating the world’s longest tie-dye, see
4. Inspiring others to support their own economic communities through purchasing U.S.A. domestic products

Guinness World Record Tie-Dye Trivia
Weight - 950 pounds
10,000 rubber-bands 9,000 Zip-Ties used
Over 120 pounds of dye used
Requires over 300 people to lift it when wet
40 people to move it when dry
5 feet 5 inches high X 3120 feet long. After dying and rinsing it is 5 feet 5 inches high and 3041.12 ft. long
300+ feet longer than previous Guinness Record set in Tokushima, Japan in 2008  

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