Helping Cats and Kittens Get a Second Chance


By Chris MacDonald, Columnist

Helping cats and kittens get a second chance was the theme of a fundraiser for cat lovers recently. While some groups are working to help homeless people find homes and succeed, others are trying to get domestic animals off the streets. Shoppers purchased boutique items from a jewelry trunk sell with a percentage of profits benefiting Second Chance Pet Adoptions (, a fantastic non-profit, all volunteer group which rescues and finds permanent, loving homes for cats and kittens.

A retired teacher, Nancy Harmon, loves being around the furry critters that she gets to exercise and feed in Second Chance program. “I love cats and I love helping find them a loving home,” she said. “Itís really a rewarding experience for everyone involved–the cats, the caring people adopting them and us, the volunteers.”

The heated debate over selling bred cats and dogs at pet stores has resulted in some cities in California enacting laws banning sales of those types of animals, while allowing adoption of rescue animals. In Los Angeles this week the L.A. Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee voted 3-0 to recommend the City Council ban the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores citywide.

Also this week the federal government asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a group of animal rights activists who say a rarely used 2006 law has a chilling effect on lawful protest activities. The law was used on four activists who were charged for allegedly participating in threatening demonstrations at the homes of University of California scientists who did animal research. A judge eventually dismissed the charges, but the protesters could have spent time in jail if found guilty.

Second Chance, which educates the public on the proper care and needs of their pets, has been successful in California cities that have outlawed sales of bred pets, and in cities where such laws don’t currently exist. They also have a trap-neuter-return program.


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  • Cities with bans on bred dog sales in pet stores: South Lake Tahoe, Chula Vista, West Hollyood, Glendale, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Aliso Viejo, Dana Point, Huntington Beach
  • The ultimate in bred dogs appear at Westminster Kennel Club Show
  • Ugliest Dog in the World Contest is held in California

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