Hollywood, Fame & Fascination Seen at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro

By C. MacDonald

SAN PEDRO, CA-If you ever saw "Pearl Harbor," "The Battle of Midway," "Dragnet" and other films, chances are you saw parts of Fort MacArthur's spectacular 20-acre National Register of Historic Places site. But, like its breathtaking views and beauty situated on a hill overlooking the ocean, that's only part of the story.

Fort MacArthur, named after General Douglas MacArthur's Civil War Hero father, Lt. Gen. Arthur MacArthur, is one of the most interesting military sites in America, with a proud history dating from 1888. If you visit it on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday between 12-5, knowledgeable guides will be glad to explain its amazing history and show you significance. Read more...>

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