Hot Enough in Death Valley — 120 and Windy!

You could be lying on the beaches of California today where the temperatures range from around 85 degrees in Southern California to 65 degrees on the North Coast. These are the coveted spots where many will escape to from hotter inland places such as the desert region. In Death Valley it's expected to reach 120 degrees and be windy today. If you can imagine an extremely hot wind with dust and dirt blowing strong, there's only one word that comes to mind-hell! The world's tallest thermometer in Baker (Gateway to Death Valley) tops at 130 degrees! The "desert rats" (as they call local residents,) are truly an amazing breed-real survivors!

If you think that escaping to the tallest mountains is your ticket to cool, check out these temperatures for today: 81 in Big Bear Lake, 95 in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park, 76 in South Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes - 75 degrees, and cooler spots such as Yosemite Valley at 69, or Lassen Volcanic National Park at 67 degrees.

The most popular cities for tourists such as San Francisco - 67 degrees, Los Angeles - 82, and San Diego - 75, and Disneyland- 86, should help you decide your options and comfort index for sunbathing, theme park visits, mountain hikes or desert exploring.

It's a big world out there in California and the temperatures vary in striking contrasts much like day & night.


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