Hydrobikes Hitting the Water Running

The California waterways are filled with toys popular with big girls and boys. The paddle boarding craze came along not long ago, adding a new dimension to the bays, lakes and rivers where you'll see row boats, kayaks, sailboats, pedal boats, motorboats and Duffy electrics. Pictured are two hydrobikers in Alamitos Bay in Long Beach, CA where we recently reported the Aqualink sets sail on Memorial Weekend.

If you're looking for the perfect water ride experience and haven't found it, maybe hydrobiking is worth a try. It combines pedal boat power with an elevated seat providing pedal motion similar to a bicycle but on the water. Hydrobikes are becoming popular (cost around $20 - 25/hour to rent) and can be found around many beaches where there are bays. These types of platform boat rides wouldn't hold up in the Pacific Ocean, so you'll see them in gentler waters. We've even seen dogs riding on them with their owns (guess who's doing the dog-paddling?) With little effort you can maintain a cruising speed of 4-6 miles per hour, and you can accelerate up to 10 mph.

Although the ride is just like a normal bike, there is less friction in the water which makes peddling easier. However, the overall fitness quotient with the hydrobike provides more fat burning than what can be achieved by any normal land bike with less muscle strain but more work done. Travelling in the water also eliminates risks of accidents and you don't have to wear a bike helmet, yet you can build up your leg and calf muscles for greater muscle strength.

If you want to buy your own hydrobike, this company sells them: Hydrobikes Ontario: (888) 728-9138. There are many places you can rent Hydrobikes in California, including Boat Rentals of America, boats4rent.com

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