Ice Skating in a Bikini at the Beach – Only in California!


Only in California! (pictured is the seasonal ice rink at Hotel del Coronado “the Del”)

  • Only in California can you go from sunbathing to ice skating on the beach –in the dead of winter!
  • Only in California can surf, then ditch your surfboard for a snowboard and be on the slopes by afternoon.
  • Only in California can you ice skate outdoors in 70 degree weather in more than 10 cities during the winter holidays (San Diego, Coronado, Irvine, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Simi, Riverside, Walnut Creek, Brentwood and San Francisco are a few.)
  • Only in California can you pick your weather and terrain– experiencing the warm desert, frosty mountains slopes and mellow sand beach all in a single day!

One of the most asked “stupid questions” on the Internet is “who has the best beaches in the U.S.?” Some argue that East Coast beaches are better because the water is warmer and the sand consists of fine granules, sometimes described as sugar sand. No one can argue the facts about water temperatures and sand texture. But California beaches are a year-round experience where you rarely break a sweat, seldom freeze, hardly see bugs, and can count on the beach to be your oasis practically every day of the year.


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