Just Another Sunset in California Paradise

Californians put up with a lot. There are earthquakes, mudslides and fires, to name a few. But who could leave this paradise when you stand on a pier at sunset in January? Shirt sleeves and a soft ocean breeze make for the memories that cause you to realize you could never live in the Midwest or Back East where people get heart attacks digging the snow that accumulates outside their homes.

The sunsets in the 2011 season have been spectacular in California and especially seen from piers & beaches. For those who think they miss the seasons, our seasons are subtle and easy on the body. Millions of Californians never own a winter coat, they don't need boots, or two sets of clothes, one for summer and one for winter. The weather isn't just great, it saves money when you don't have to turn on a heater in the winter, or buy extra clothing to store away and wear only a portion of the year.

Visit this California paradise if you don't believe it.

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