Kodak Theatre Tours Suspended for Oscars Feb. 27, 2011

Hollywood, Calif.-If you were planning to take a tour of the Kodak Theatre, you'll have to wait until March 5 when the tour schedule resumes after the The Oscars are presented at the Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011. Inspired by the elegance of a European opera house and seating 3,300 people, Kodak Theatre began hosting the Academy Awards in 2001 and shuts down the venue for an entire month to prepare for a one night event that star-struck fans and fan clubs plan their entire vacation schedule around. These groups camp out on the sidewalks surrounding the Kodak Theatre and receive tickets for bleacher areas where they get to watch the stars enter and walk on the red carpet.

Throughout the rest of the year you can take a tour of Kodak Theatre and sit in the same chairs that many actors have used (whoopee!) but the only celebs you'll normally see during the rest of the time will either be in photos on the walls or the look-alike street artists out in front who pose for pictures and ask for tips.

The theatre is one of approx. nine venues that have hosted the annual Academy Awards / Oscars, which began as a sit down banquet affair for 200 people at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in 1921. The Awards ceremony is booked in the Kodak Theatre through 2021.

Interesting job: We know several people who are used as fill-ins during the awards. They are dressed to the nines and sit in vacant seats of no-shows or when someone departs for the restrooms during this sometimes long event.You generally don't get to apply for these positions, but must work your way up in the organization, often as a volunteer, before gaining the honor of becoming a seat "sit-in". For all things relating to the oscars, check out oscars.org

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