Longing for Food Flavors – Mexican Dishes South of the Border in Tijuana


There are two compelling reasons that Americans and world travelers make the trek across San Diego County’s border south of the city of San Diego where you can park in San Ysidro and head into Tijuana on foot or by shuttle bus–the food and the drugs . We’re talking prescription drugs that you can scarcely afford in your own country.

First, the food:

For the food addict, Tijuana has some incredible restaurants with dishes that are so fresh, so home-made, and so tasty, you can’t get them out of your mind. One such place is La Diferencia, where the atmosphere is casual, comfortable, the service impeccable, and the dishes always fresh. Ample use of spices and garden fresh herbs really amp up the the flavor in healthy presentations that include a heavenly Black Chicken Mole Oaxacan with Chicken breast covered with black mole, rich with hints chiles and spices.

Sweet Echiladas Mole Poblano is served with three corn tortillas stuffed with fresh minced pork bathed in mole poblano. It is so good! From entrees ranging from the Crabbed-Stuffed Chile Puffed Pastry to Half-Duck Grilled with Butter and White Wine, or Chicken Chipotle in a soft cream sauce with bacon, garlic and white wine. Heavenly!

Location: 10521 No. Blvd Sanchez Taboada, Rio Zone. Tijuana, BC Mexico. Web: ladiferencia.com.mx

Top off your meal with a stop to Venus Chocolates where the bonbons are made with high chocolate content, real cream, butter and the hand rolled and decorated with artistry. They make excellent gifts, as well!


Now the pharmaceutical care:

For antibiotics and other prescriptions you pay a fortune for just steps across the line on the U.S. side, you can get them for a fraction of that price in Tijuana. Pharmacy shops are set up on many street corners. Likewise, dental and medical care that Americans can scarcely afford in their own country is again, a fraction of the cost in Tijuana where you can get crowns for your teeth or just about anything you want for much, much less. Be sure to get solid referrals from reliable professionals before you pick a place! In my California city, there are several consultants who help people find the best affordable medical care south of the border. They do it because there’s so much demand from those who can’t afford U.S. medical care. It’s a sad fact.

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