Looking For Love in 2012 But Not Marriage? Unusual Places to Meet in California


Californians and (Americans) are breaking records, with now only 51% of the adult population married. No big deal. But the average age of people marrying for the first time has also risen to 29 for men and 26.5 for women. At one time (196os) the concept of marriage appealed to nearly three-fourths of the population. Shows such as “Everybody Loves Raymond,” still maintain their popularity as time capsules of an era in which marriage was the norm. However, such shows are enjoyed for their escape & entertainment value, showcasing a middle aged man’s attempts to cope with the expectations of marriage.

Four in ten adults now consider the concept of marriage obsolete, says the study by Pew Research Center, which doesn’t explore how many adults are looking for love. With dating websites and social websites such as Facebook and Craig’s List offering opportunities for people to meet, the need for love hasn’t gone away. Just the need for a contract for marriage.

Analysts say the biggest reason people aren’t marrying has to do with the economy. Men, especially, see marriage as a financial obligation, and with unemployment and low wage earnings so prevalent, more & more men aren’t willing to “dive in”. The trend is likely to continue upwards in 2012 with the percentage of those holding off getting hitched even greater than last year!


  1. Car Shows – While the age range of hundreds of California car shows and weekly drives tends to be slightly older, it’s a great place for girls & women, especially, to meet guys. Not all of them are married or dating, and ownership of a classic car allows you even greater privileges as cars, themselves, can be dating magnets.
  2. Dog parks & dog beaches – Pets are man’s best friend, but they can’t replace the embrace of fur-less, soft-scented human! Nearly 50% of the California population owns dogs, and almost all go out and walk their furry friends.
  3. Sports events, workouts, health clubs – Whether you like to run, swim in a swim club, work out with weights, join a rowing team or any other sport, you’ll find that all that health and endorphins elevate the interest in the opposite sex.
  4. Support groups – Californians are messed up but for those who know how to get help, you can find like-minded people who are willing to admit they have problems. That’s a great start to dating!
  5. Hobby clubs – Painters, computer techies, photographers, musicians, bicyclists and star gazers all have clubs where people meet up and socialize, sharing their interests.
  6. Community classes & school- Whether you are a serious student or simply signing up for a community college course in volleyball, you’ll meet interesting people from all walks of life. Some are single!

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