Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places - Romantic California Spots


Maybe you think you'll find love on the other side of a wine glass-or beer mug. Many people do find love in "all the wrong places". We've seen couples meet each other at cocktail bars, and years later they are still together. While the modern way of meeting your mate involves filling out a form and getting a computer generated match, old-fashioned match-making hasn't gone away, nor has fate. Sometimes it's just your time to meet someone when you weren't even looking and didn't want to get hooked up. But when love comes your way, it's pretty tough to turn it away.

California is filled with romantic places to celebrate or re-kindle the magic in a relationship. Shown is Pebble Beach's 17 Mile Drive. The spectacular sunset drive provides the ingredients to make magic moments pop with excitement.

Other places people love to go for romance are piers. The wind gets a little wispy at many of the west-facing piers, so you may want to pick the mildest spots. Newport Beach's Newport Pier is always a favorite where the winds don't seem to blow so strong.

San Francisco is where Tony Bennett left his heart. So do millions of people who take the bay cruise on Hornblower Cruises & Events, complete with dining and dancing under the Golden Gate Bridge and under the stars.

Mountain resorts in the great outdoors above the clouds provide excitement and a sense of renewal or "fresh starts" with their crisp air and bluest skies on earth. There's never a wrong mountain to visit but a tram or chair lift on a summer day overlooking the lake (Tahoe, Big Bear, Mammoth) makes for the ooh-la-la. It's a great time to steal a kiss.

Gondola rides in California are not the same as Italian gondola rides. One is actually as good or better- Naples Gondola Getaway has its own special magic you can't deny. Gondoliers will sing a sweet tune as the sun goes down, and stop so that you can partake of an Italian tradition-the kiss-under each bridge. Naples has several bridges to look forward to. It's a wow! Take some champagne or wine to make it sweeter.

Get out and experience the beauty of this Golden State, where romance is around every bend.

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