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Pictured is Jordan S. Rubin at his ranch in Koshonong, Missouri

Book Review: “Live Beyond Organic” by Jordan S. Rubin

By C. MacDonald

There are feel good books and there are books that make you feel good. This new book by a New York Times-bestselling author and health expert will cause you to change your diet and change your life.

It really gets you examining yourself–what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling and especially, what you’re eating. Lets face it, we all can be making better choices when it comes to eating and drinking.

Rubin tells his life story, about being a very active college student, then getting diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and having symptoms of numerous other physical ailments. Some doctors said he was not going to live. So, in 1996, he moved to San Diego and saw a nutritionist named William “Bud” Keith, who helped turn his life around.

Keith encouraged him to think positive, always; to pray, regularly, and to use the health plan in the Bible. He said this involves two main things–eating what God created for food and eating foods in a form that are healthy for the body. Rubin began a mission to learn all he could, as quickly as possible, about how physical health is affected by mental, spiritual and emotional health, the differences between “natural” and “organic foods” and much more.

What he learned literally saved his life and led to his mission of sharing his findings and story with others, transforming the health of many in this much-obese and often depressed society. There is hope and you need to read Rubin’s book to find out all the details about how his research may impact you personally. There’s even an assessment you take to find out the most effective diet for providing your body with optimal nutrition.There are charts showing the best foods and beverages and even recipes to help in your personal transformation.

There are Top 10 Lists for things like Probiotic Foods, Sources of Healthy Fats, Spices and Carbohydrates. He also writes about the importance of Thinking Positive (positive thoughts cause brain cells to expand) and the Power of Positive Thinking (we believe what he think). There’s such an abundance of negativity in the world, we need to be positive and give hope to ourselves and others. You’ll find out about his wife and three kids, and unique ranch where cattle graze on grasses and greens, such as herbs and legumes, while free-roaming over thousands of acres of certified organic pastures in the Ozark Mountain foothills.

From this fascinating book, you’ll learn the importance of drinking more water (and making sure it’s the right kind of water), eating blueberries, leafy green vegetables, wild-caught cold water fish (like salmon), green tea, red onions, sauerkraut, cinnamin; the mental and physical value of exercise and a lot more. He creates quotes that will stick in your mind (“Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat”) and he backs up many of his theories with research studies, quotes from doctors and facts.

A guest on “Oprah,” “Good Morning America” and other major TV shows, Rubin is founder and CEO of Beyond Organic, with a goal of producing the world’s healthiest foods and beverages; and founder of Garden of Life, a health and wellness company that produces whole food nutritional supplements and health resources. His company produces Amasai, a greenfed cultured dairy beverage. It’s unique true whole milk nutrients are created through ancient dairy breeding, organic green grazing and olde world culturing and production methods, according to Rubin. To find out more about the book or Beyond Organic, contact Robin Kemper: (657) 464-0804,

Tips From Jordan S. Rubin’s new book, LIVE BEYOND ORGANIC:

Top 10 Proteins
1. Amasai
2. Wild-Caught Fish
3. Greenfinished Beef
4. Really Raw Cheese
5. Lamb
6. Bison
7. Venison and Elk
8. Wild Poultry
9. Pastured Eggs
10. Raw Leafy Greens

Top 10 Carbohydrate Foods
1. Wild Blueberries
2. Black Rasberries
3. Micro Cruciferous Veggies
4. Green Peas
5. Chia and Flaxseeds
6. Hemp Seeds
7. Almonds
8. Quinoa and Amaranth
9. Raw Unheated Honey
10. Pomegranates

Top 10 Food Sources of Healthy Fats
1. Coconut
2. Pasture-Fed Dairy
3. Pasture-Fed Red Meat
4. Avocados
5. Wild-Caught fish
6. Chia andd Flaxseed
7. Hemp Seed
8. Nuts and Seeds
9. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
10. Extra-Virgin Red Palm Oil

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