Mama Needs a New Moo Moo for Christmas


Left to right: Kaftan, Muu’muu, duster and dress. To buy mama a moo moo, you can give her a gift certificate to shops that carry her size and selection, or if you purchase a garment, make absolutely certain it can be returned for cash! That’s a must. Mama hates for people to waste money.

Victoria’s Secret “angel” lingerie and bikinis from Brazil or Venezuela might not be the best Christmas present for the well-endowed, mature woman who would rather have a moo moo this holiday. If your mama’s wearing clothes with stains & holes, maybe you better buy her some new threads–but be careful what you get!

The moo moo concept crosses international boundaries because there are so many women around the world who want something loose & comfortable to wear. In Hawaii it’s called Muu’muu. It’s loose, it’s cool and is made of cotton flower prints. On our Western shores of California the Kaftan which comes from India, Kenya and other exotic lands, comes in darker colors and not so many flowers. Women can wear them at home or go shopping, to a concert and out on the town. The women’s duster sold at Sears, Kmart and Walmart is the cheapest attire (as low as $8) but is designed for wearing at home, not so much out and about. Buy the duster for someone ONLY by request. Finally, the print dress with the lace collar trim is what Vicki Lawrence wears in her Two Woman Act when she portrays Thelma Lou Harper (Mama) from Mama’s Family TV show. It is not a moo moo and isn’t a substitute for one.

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