Miss Sassy Santa


In towns and cities around California, the holiday parties in restaurants and clubs invite the public to celebrate. We’ve seen several bars & clubs where the invitations state: Wear you sexiest Santa outfit or your most beat up old sweater and come celebrate at the Miss Sassy Santa Party.

Does anyone really want to see the old beat up sweater? Of course not. Fashions for the young & the restless this year include lots of tights or knit pants and knee-high boots. High-heeled boots are “in” for girls and women (not so much for men, though men actually started the high-heel craze, believe it or not!) And to top off any respectable Sassy Santa outfit, a short red skirt or cape with white fur trim is a must! Party City (partycity.com) sells an incredible and affordable line up of Sassy Santa costumes.

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