Monarch Butterfly Watching Season Launches in October in California


Pictured is Monarch Magic event held at Gibbs Butterfly Park in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Monarch butterflies are tropical insects that are widespread throughout the U.S. and as far north as Canada. The colorful orange and black-winged insects can’t withstand freezing winter temperatures. To survive, the Monarch migrates to safe overwintering sites that are neither cold enough to kill it, nor so warm that it wastes precious energy flying too much.

In California there are three special wintering spots to see Monarchs in action–Santa Cruz, Pacific Grove and Pismo Beach–all on the Central to Bay Area coast. Other cities and places are trying to bring butterflies to their locations by creating habitats to welcome them. Monarchs are celebrated in festivals throughout California but the special watching places offer great viewing from October through Spring. Read more

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