Newport Pier is One of the Reasons to See Newport Beach, Calif.

Newport Pier is NOT the biggest, longest, most sophisticated or sleekest pier in California. It ranks as the 12th longest pier (over the ocean) in California, extending into the Pacific by 1,322 feet.

The pier does rank as one of the oldest California piers, established in 1891 at the same time the Dory Fishermen fleet at the base of the pier began their trade. The professional anglers take their modest dory boats out to fish the Pacific, departing from the beach in the middle of the night (around 2 a.m.) Their trade is nearly gone due to the fishing regulations that make it hard for them to compete, but their charm and history is part of the tradition of Newport Beach, and the few remaining fishermen sell their wares in the morning till it is gone.

For a memorable vacation or drive along the coast, be sure to visit Newport Beach and this wonderful attraction! It is one of two majors piers in Newport Beach (the other is the Balboa Pier,) and many small fishing piers that line Balboa Island & Balboa Peninsula. As a side note, fishing off of these piers in California is free. No license is required, though you must adhere to state regulations about size, limits, etc.

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