Night at the Iguana in Ojai


Ojai, Calif.–"Night at the Iguana"in Ojai sounds likes some exotic and enchanting escape, and it is! Named for the film adaptation of Tennessee William's play starring Richard Burton, the "Night at the Iguana", there's a special place in Southern California that holds romance near & dear to its heart. Iguana Inns of Ojai is offering packages all in the name of romance.

A private invitation to Ojai's own Garden of Eden (Taft Botanical Gardens) at the foothills of the Ojai Valley features a spectacular collection of South African and Australian native plants. Closed to the general public, you are a special guest invited to take a private self-guided tour included in this package.

Ojai is located in Ventura County on the Central California Coast, just beyond the Los Angeles County line that's part of Southern California region. Situated between Topa Topa Mountains and the Coastal Range, the charming village of Ojai is world renowned for its historic arcade, boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, festivals and events. Bike paths, equestrian trails, golfing, hiking, and rock climbing, birding and fishing are some of the outdoor sports tourists enjoy. Orange and avocado groves line the valley, providing a green-scape to the backdrop of mountains.

Which hotel should you pick? Blue Iguana Inn features Southwest and vintage Hacienda style architecture and décor. Lush gardens surround the pool, and meandering lawns offer easy strolls. Emerald Iguana features Craftsman/Art Nouveau-style design, creating an atmosphere that inspires the imagination.

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