Welcome to Northern California - San Francisco & the Golden Gate


If you ask tourists what they want to see most in Northern California, the answer is a resounding vote for San Francisco. Golden Gate Brigde is one of the top joy rides on a boat passing through the bay underneath that big orange, Golden Gate.

Nob Hill, Coit Tower, Crookedest Street, Golden Gate Park, Cable Car rides, Pier 39 and the famous fog are a few things you may hope to experience during your visit to San Francisco. When visiting, there are buses with tours to exciting places such as Napa Wine Country, Carmel and Monterey Bay Aquarium, other exciting destinations within a day's journey.

Keep traveling north till you reach Humboldt County with the tallest redwood trees in the world, often over 2,000 years old. What a sight to behold! While Southern Caliornia is known for its sandy beaches, deserts and warm weather, Northern California is where you could easily find rain or fog during your travels. The weather is cooler along the northern coast than Central California or the south, and the greenery is eye-popping. Those massive redwood trees are a once-in-a-lifetime, must-see attraction that you can't imagine.

Other great places to explore include Sacramento, the California capitol, and an amazing bridge not anything like the Golden Gate bridge. If you have the time, explore the Interstate 5 route north toward Oregon and stop in Redding to see the glorious, $18 million Sundial Bridge.

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