Oil the Bike and Take it To Mammoth this Summer

Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra mountains is best known for its skiing that goes on strong longer than any other mountain resort, thanks to the tons of snow. Mammoth receives more average snowfall than any other ski resort in California. However, the snow does eventually melt and we're coming into the season when you'll begin to see more and more of the dirt, rock and grass beneath that snow pack. It makes for great bike rides.

Living in Orange County, my next door neighbor was a mountain bike fanatic who worked to live. He saved all his money so he could escape the big city and move to Mammoth, where the mountain bike trails beckoned him all summer long. Gone nearly every weekend, Chris rode the trails in Mammoth, and eventually fulfilled his dream by packing up and moving to Mammoth Lakes. I've heard that he doesn't miss the traffic or the beach, and he's never looked back.

If you need new scenery, challenges, and love pedal power, be careful! Mammoth Lakes is addictive, but well worth a mountain high this summer.


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