Paddleboarding in Newport Harbor with Man's Best Friend



Newport Beach, Calif.-Beautiful Newport Harbor is a nautical paradise where life seems simply to glide along. It actually does provide an enjoyable ride. You can rent a boat, a sailboat, kayak, or even a paddleboard, and be on the bay enjoying the lifestyle that famous celebrities have lived. When out on the water or watching from the Balboa Island Ferry or shore, you never know what you will see. One such image recently included a man paddleboarding in the bay with his pet dog hanging ten. The dog was an excellent rider, and occasionally jumped into the water, dog-paddling next to the board. Then when he was ready, the pooch mounted back on the board like a pro, ready to enjoy the ride once again.

When you go: Balboa Peninsula where the scene takes place next to the Balboa Fun Zone and Balboa Pavilion can be accessed on Newport Blvd. near Main Street, Newport Beach, CA.

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