Peggy Sue Doesn't Hold a Candle to Santa Paula During Car Cruise

When Summer rolls around, it is time to roll down your car window, your bobby sox, and roll up your blue jean cuffs to celebrate the annual Car Cruise taking place on Main Street in Santa Paula. Celebrating its lucky 13th year in 2011, the event launched in April and continues through October on the first Friday of every month. There is no registration- you just show up, drive around the block a couple of times looking for the best parking spot and coolest cars, then spend your evening admiring the beauties-the red ones, green ones, orange and cream ones-the classic dream machines. Retaining their sparkle even more than Peggy Sue, say owners who are in love with their cars, the public is invited to share the experience, free of charge.

You may see a rare 240 Z or 1957 super sweet T-Bird during the event held in Ventura County's historic Downtown Santa Paula district where restaurants serve great food, and mostly pre-1975 cars are showcased in an event that often includes The Cruise Knights and other bands performing.

Downtown Santa Paula facades are mostly turn-of-the-century, early 1900's buildings that were popular as movie sets during the pre-Hollywood era. This classic look makes for a popular film location even today-Santa Paula is featured in commercials, TV programs and movies over 100 years later!

Sponsored by the Santa Paula Police Association and the Chamber of Commerce, the restaurants are open, streets are buzzing, sounds of engines rumbling or roaring and energy is high.

July 1, August 5, September 2 and October 7 are the Cruise Night dates for 2011. Grab a date!

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