Ring Out the Wet Clothes and Smile as You Ring in 2012 at Polar Plunge


We could show you countless REAL California citizens who are overweight and hanging out of their swimwear in all the wrong places during the annual January 1 Polar Beach Dip in San Pedro, but why not start the New Year with one of the most attractive participants, Miss California? A pretty girl and a smile provide inspiration to launch you into your fantasy 2012.

To welcome each New Year, Californians and visitors are heading into the Pacific Ocean, swimming pools and lakes to get wet. Air temperatures are nippy and water temps range from low 50s to low 60s. The annual tradition throughout the state includes organized events in many cities, and pure, unadulterated fun where people go in the water just because. It’s an icy splash and wake up call to greet 2012 with shock, excitement, and a fresh new outlook on the days ahead.

Historical Notes:

  • One of the oldest Swim Clubs in the U.S. is the Dolphin Club in San Francisco (dolphinclub.org)
  • Like the Polar Bear Club at San Pedro’s Cabrillo Beach, the “Dolphins” swim daily for exercise.
  • Dolphin Club was founded in1877 by John Wieland and his brothers, along with the Kehrlein brothers, all
    immigrants from Germany. Events have include an Alcatraz Swim on New Year’s Day.
  • In 1999 The Dolphin Club renewed a 24-year lease with the City of San Francisco.

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