San Francisco's Alcatraz Worth a Look


San Francisco, Calif.-If Alcatraz Island actually had a road leading to this desolate place in the Bay, how many prisoners might have escaped instead of face cold isolation, and sometimes death by trying to get away?

As one of San Francisco's most popular and sought out attractions, Alcatraz Island, (part of the National Parks System,) is a short boat ride from the harbor providing hours of exploring for those interested in the history of this infamous place. Many prisoners tried to escape the island but none were ever known to do so because of the gripping chill of the water and challenge of swimming across the bay to the mainland. The facility was eventually shut down because it was too costly to operate, but during the time it was functioning as a maximum security prison, families of prison staff who lived on the island loved their pleasant lives and boat trips across the bay to shopping, schools, and the many attractions that the vibrant city of San Francisco offers.

There were two different and separate worlds for the families of prison staff and the prisoners. They never mixed, mingled, and children growing up actually lived in a fairly sheltered atmosphere, believe it or not! On your next visit to San Francisco, be sure to take a tour of Alcatraz. It's well worth the time to explore.

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