Seal Beach Rocks Down To Electric Avenue, Where Electricity is King!

There's a song performed by Eddy Grant that goes like this: "We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue - And then we'll take it higher."

Seal Beach actually has Electric Avenue, and now it has electricity charging stations for electric vehicles such as the $100,000 DeLorean Roaster shown in photo. The proud owner of this fast car (goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.74 seconds) can plug into and re-charge at the beach parking north of the Seal Beach Pier. Nice!

In over 100 years of history, Seal Beach has always been known as a "scintillating" place. Extreme thrill rides such as the Scintillator in the Joy Zone with its dazzling lights launched the city into fame as an exciting beach town around the early 1900's. Seal Beach loved electricity so much, the city named one of its major streets that runs parallel to the beach "Electric Avenue". It once served as the rail line for the shiny "Red Car" trains that took people from Los Angeles to the beach for 25 cents. Today an actual Pacific Electric Red Car from that era sits on the greenbelt next to Seal Beach ‘s Mary Wilson Library.

Seal Beach is proud of its "green" and its "electric". Go see it!


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