Seashells Make Great Gifts To Yourself

img readers are always asking me where they can find seashells at California’s beaches. I tell them there are no clear-cut, proven spots to point them to, as the sea changes constantly and what washes up changes as well. However, I am always on the lookout for seashells so I can report back and this week’s findings yield the usual types of shells I normally see.

While pristine sand dollars are hard to come by, there are plenty of mollusks and common shells. Pictured are the shells I found this week on a shoreline walk at Sunset Beach (shown in photo above).


If you’re looking for exotic specimens or seashells to give as gifts, the beach stores sell them for around $2 -10, with many pretty shells and colors. Baskets of common shells are also sold for around $5-10.

However, if you’re walking along the beach and the gentle breeze, ocean scent, and soft, wet sand beneath your feet evoke you into emotions of joy & happiness, these little seashells you may find along the way can bring great pleasure as gifts to yourself. Later as you sit inside your home or at an office desk remembering that beautiful beach, you can dust off a little sand from your dried “lucky charm” and smile thinking about the journey a seashell took, growing along the way until it washed up on the shore where you found it.

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