Shell Beach Not Just Another Pismo

PISMO BEACH, CALIF.-When visiting California's glorious Central Coast, one of the most popular beach vacations because of its in-between location nearly equal distance from L.A. and San Francisco, that you may happen upon is Shell Beach. It's easy to assume that this is a town on its own. It has stores with Shell Beach in the name, it has a beach called Shell Beach, and even the hotel booking tools separate it out as its very own city / destination.

Shell isn't just another Pismo clam. Though Shell Beach is within the city bounds of Pismo Beach (named for Pismo clams), it looks and feels like its very own place as you'll discover when you take the trip. Among its highlights are the beach, kayaking launch points that are ideal, and a gazebo at Margo Dodd Park, where you'll see people stop their cars and gaze from the lookout point. Sometimes you'll see brides & grooms in their formal attire standing there, too.

While Shell Beach is technically a Pismo entity, its existence is similar to a Southern California locale, Corona del Mar where people assume that beautiful place is a city unto itself. That town happens to be part of Newport Beach.

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