Spirit Cruises in San Pedro Offer Spirited Adventures

For an adventure that won't break the bank, Spirit Cruises at Ports O'Call Village (Berth 77) in San Pedro, charges around $12 for a one hour harbor cruise that has spirit, making it one of the best values in Southern California entertainment.

Not everyone wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to hop aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line and travel for days on end. But for one hour and around $12 you can glide past the passengers on that ship waiting to depart, and wave to them with big smiles. Spirit Cruises in San Pedro is the ticket to affordable weekend entertainment for all ages.

On a recent Saturday we got some friends together and took the ride on Spirit Cruises, which was amazing. We saw seals and sea lions playing in the harbor. Our boat stopped and we watched them for a few minutes. After all the passengers took their photos and videos the captain headed out toward the landmark Angels Gate Lighthouse where we received a spectacular, unexpected treat. A pod of around 30 dolphins feeding in the harbor moved magically next to our boat. It was the highlight of a trip that we'll assuredly repeat on another sunny afternoon.

For one hour there was constant entertainment. Many sipped margaritas or Mexican beers (one family had 16 members enjoying a mini-reunion on the cruise with loved ones coming from Los Angeles, Mexico and UC Davis to spend the weekend together.) The boat ride provided the perfect opportunity to socialize and have fun, said one of their members, a college student and jazz musician from UC Davis who has a dual major in music theory and animal science. She was especially excited to watch the sea life.

With the company of really nice people we met such as a chef at one of Las Vegas Strip's top restaurant enterprises, on a weekend outing with his wife and kids, the cruise was one of the best we've ever taken. Read some of the highlights of our Spirit Cruise, or get prices and hours, on spiritmarine.com.



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