Stoked on Beach Clean Up - A Valentine Girl's Efforts

SURFSIDE, CALIF.- It happens all the time! You proceed to take a picture at the beach and there's a piece of trash ruining what could have been an OK shot. In comes the Valentine Girl, Kim Masoner, to do what she loves-clean up trash (and recycle). She's made a career out of it, though she doesn't make a plug nickel.

From her earlier days as the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce president and organizer of the annual Seal Beach Sandcastle Festival (now gone) to her work in the marketing department of, an online company for the surfing industry and surfers, Masoner has always had a passion for the beach- and her love of beaches has taken her to new heights in organizing beach cleanup events. For the first time ever, Masoner's "Save Our Beaches" has been invited to organize and orchestrate the first ever "Public Navy Beach Cleanup."

On Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011, from 8:30 a.m. to noon, Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station is hosting a beach cleanup. It will be different from any other cleanup Masoner has done because everyone is using rakes to pile debris and then shovels to put debris into trash cans. The Navy's amphibious vehicle "the gator" will take trash cans to the dumpster to empty. Please rsvp to or (562) 884-6764

Masoner says that unlike normal cleanups where they leave natural debris, everything will be cleaned up. Participants should bring a light jacket with a hood as it could be 55 to 80 degrees depending upon weather. Also bring sunscreen, work/garden gloves, reusable drinking water bottles, trash grabbers and rakes, if you can (extras will be on hand.)

Attending: EastCounty Young Marines, Long Beach/Lakewood Cub Scouts, Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Alpha Theta and of course the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station!

Please rsvp Kim Masoner - or (562) 884-6764

Directions: Southbound on PCH past Seal Beach Blvd over 2 bridges and first right into Surfside Colony (Phillips Street) then make an immediate right onto a dirt road where you'll see other cars parked and park, walk N to blue canopy that has BEACH CLEANUP banner. Closest mapquest address is 89 Surfside Ave., Surfside, CA 90743 but the directions above are better.

Side note: The real love story is the bond between Kim and her husband, Steve, whose full time job helps support Kim and her efforts for clean beaches. You'll often see the couple working together at beach clean ups. Their labor of love is truly a Valentine's story.

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