Surfing Santa Steers a Sleigh Pulled by Dolphins in Surfside, CA

This popular icon that Southern Californians look forward to seeing each year is located near Pacific Coast Highway and Anderson Street in the community of Surfside.

As Surfside, Sunset Beach's favorite (gated) neighbor to the north, says adieu to the 100+ year community soon to be taken over by Huntington Beach around January 2011, Surfside residents smile on their very own sunset views. And they also are smiling at the fact that they will maintain independence, having formed an association that would keep their beach hamlet from becoming part of Huntington Beach a long time ago.

And with that distinction come amenities such as Surfside Santa, paid for by the association. The cheery Surfing Santa wooden sign is an annual tradition in Surfside, California, and those driving along Pacific Coast Highway between Sunset Beach and Seal Beach delight in seeing the lit up display each year.

What's so unique about it is that the pot-bellied Surfing Santa is driving a sleigh of dolphins, all lit up with twinkling lights, and set above a bed of bright red poinsettias. Framing the scene are towering palms partially lit with white Christmas lights. It's a setting that tells what Surfside and Southern California are all about-surfing, dolphins, and holidays. Be sure to check it out among your many holiday drives and outings this season!

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