The Weekend Was Made for Pig Racing

If you've never seen a pig race, you're in for a surprise. Ranking right up there with the Wiener Dog Nationals that were held last week in Los Alamitos, California, the pig race is all about what you project into the event and the creatures that participate.

People love watching animals race. If you don't believe it, visit the race track! Pig races are not betting races. They're just for fun and it's amazing to see how many people pack into small arenas to watch the pigs strut their stuff at county fairs. The surprise (if you've never watched,) is that the pigs are running fast around the ring to get to the food. At the end of the course are plates of treats for the pig runners to eat once they've completed the course. It's very primal-and people of all ages just love watching it. They also love sampling Fried Kool-Aid at county fairs, so go figure!

There are several county fairs this weekend with lots of things happening, including pig racing. The Orange County Fair begins its month-long run, Santa Barbara County Fair concludes on Sunday, July 17, 2011, in Santa Maria, and the Stanislaus County Fair in Turlock goes through the 24th of July.

Weekend events throughout the state include a Pride Festival in San Diego, Grunion Runs along the coast, California Worldfest in Grass Valley, Dead on the Ponderosa in Apple Valley, a pet fair in Fort Bragg, 125th birthday in Calistoga, Greenville Gold Digger Days, Half Moon Bay's Tour de Fleurs, Sinjin Smith's V-Ball Tourney in Long Beach along with the annual Catalina Ski Race, Woodlake Car Show and Seal Beach Fish Fry, to name a few.

Let the good times roll! Here are more events to chomp on.

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