Those Gaudy Cell Tower Fake Trees!

The cell phone towers are everywhere. An estimate that there are approx. one million cell structures in the U.S. was recently reported on a news station, though that figure is unconfirmed. And if you start to look around you, it is amazing just where you find them. The most clever new method of installing them is in disguise, painted on buildings to match the colors of the buildings themselves so they blend in.

But some simply can't be hidden and the person who created the gaudy fake tree (comes in palm, pine and evergreen) should have his or her circuit disconnected. Instead, the individual is probably making a fortune because they are everywhere you look.

The photo shows one such tree hovering next to the 405 Freeway near the exit to Los Angeles International Airport. If tourists don't find the graffiti painted on signs, bridges and pavement alarming, they'll certainly have to wonder about the beauty of L.A. when they sit in traffic for 20 minutes staring at the metal painted tree nearly at eye level next to the freeway.

There was a time when cities began burying their power lines underground because they found them to create urban blight. With this newest wave of technology requiring cell towers installed everywhere imaginable, start looking around you and see if you are sleeping next to one outside your home.... or working next to a cell tower stationed on the wall of your office. If your ears start ringing, you feel dizzy and your head begins to burn, blame it on that gaudy tree and half-baked technology.

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