Top 10 Food "Joints" in Downey, California

The oldest surviving McDonalds was built in 1953 in Downey, California. Listed on the National Historic Register, you will find it at 10207 Lakewood Blvd.


An Insider's View of Some Favorite Places To Eat & Drink in California

"TD" is not a person but a team (Telly and Deanna), who created an award-winning Southern California eatery. Telly started in the restaurant business at the tender age of 4, when he peeled potatoes at his Greek mother Helen's famous place called, "Nick's." Deanna, Telly's partner in business and life, shares his love of the food biz, having started out as a waitress at the legendary Arthur's. She has lived in four houses in Downey since the 1960s. Together, TD sizzle because of their knowledge of great local eats, their chemistry in the kitchen and their genuine love of customers-always taking time to listen and truly care about their guests. They listened to our question, and even though there are many fine food facilities in Downey, here's what they said are 10 of their favorites.

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