Valley of the Moon


The Valley of the Moon moniker isn’t unique to Sonoma County (there’s one in Tucson, AZ, as well,) but California’s famous valley is the most popular of any in the nation. This weekend as Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival takes to the streets and Sonoma Plaza, a well-timed moon is expected to rise in the evening sky on queue.

How did Sonoma Valley get nickname Valley of the Moon? The references are clear but the interpretations get a little fuzzy. Everyone points to Pomo and Wintun natives as originators of the moniker. From that point, however, some believe “sonoma” or a portion of the word is indigenous word for “many moons.” Others offer an option that Sonoma may actually stem from “noma”–a Mayakmah word for “town”. It is one of those mysteries that may never be full resolved, and that’s not a problem. Valley of the Moon is here to stay and has been embraced on maps as a physical spot in Sonoma Valley. A fire department, Real Estate company, children’s services agency, commercial poults, and well known Valley of the Moon Winery in Glen Ellen all use the descriptive term in their business branding.

How to immerse yourself in Valley of the Moon lifestyle

  • Read Jack London’s fiction novel, Valley of the Moon.
  • Purchase a bottle of fine wine from Valley of the Moon Winery.
  • Attend the Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival Sept. 26-28, 2014.

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