Agoura Hills, CA Weather

Agoura Hills Annual Weather, Temperatures, Rainfall

Agoura Hills enjoys its outdoor sports, parks, and Concerts in the Park during the summer months. But the weather can get a little hot from time to time, and you have to appreciate that fact that it seldom rains in the summer. If it did, you'd be looking at the feeling of being in the midwest U.S. —hot & muggy. But fortunately, Agoura Hills is usually hot & dry. That's good & band. Good for the comfort factor when those record-breaking days peak at 115 degree—and bad when there are fire dangers.

Winters bring mellow, pleasant temperatures to the daytime averages with the lowest daytime average never getting below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall is most likely during the months of December through March, the months when Agoura Hills get the majority of its rain for the year.

What to wear? Take a jacket any time of year, but in the summer, take shirt sleeves or sleeveless for the daytime heat.


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