Albion California Weather

Albion on the Mendocino Coast of California north of San Francisco feature pleasant temperatures throughout the year, lots of fog, and some coastal rains. In its rainiest month, you can see on average over 7 inches of rain in January. The average annual rainfall of Albion is 41 inches of precipitation, and you'll probably never see snow during your lifetime should live in Albion or travel through and stay in the region on vacations.

How would you like to visit a place where the hottest temperature ever recorded was 94 degrees? In some places that is a normal temperature on a summer day. But in Albion that was the hottest it has ever been, recorded in 1985, and the average hottest days on in the summer hover around 67 degrees. If you think that sounds pleasant enough, then stick around for winter. The average daytime high in the winter months is around 56 degrees with night temperatures seldom dipping below 40 degrees.

Why is the weather so perfect? The Pacific Ocean provides the cooling in the summer, and warming in the winter. Without that ocean, you'd see a lot different temperatures. For instance, if you travel approx. 100 miles due east to Williams, California, the average daytime high in the summer is 93 degrees, while the winter average is a only a degree or two lower each day than the coastal Albion. The ocean influence makes a difference about 26 degrees during the average summer day in Albion versus Williams. Albion does not offer the ideal growing climate that Williams enjoys with more sun & heat, but for pure comfort, many prefer the cooler temps.


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