Anaheim, California Weather, Rainfall, Temps


Anaheim, CA
1313 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92802Anaheim Weather is one of the most sought after reports with big reason. Families and individuals plan vacations months in advance, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on trips to Anaheim. Knowing and understanding the weather is important when you have to pack your bags and you want your experience to be pleasant.

Rarely does it rain, but there are a few times a year where some rides may be closed at Disneyland Park due to rain. Most likely times for that to occur are in the months of January - March. Anaheim residents don't receive a lot of rain and they generally expect sunshine throughout the year. But one thing you should know is that even on the warmest summer nights you may need a light jacket when the sun goes down. Thanks to the cooling ocean effects, Anaheim (12 -15 miles from the Pacific Ocean) can be warm during the day with the average temperature hitting 86 degrees, but at night the weather cools and drops into the low 60s often.

So the rules of the road are to dress in layers (or even purchase a cool Disneyland sweatshirt or jacket, if necessary) and be prepared for pleasant, comfortable days that are not usually humid like the Florida Disney vacations) and an afternoon cooling effect around 3 p.m. with temps dropping into dark.


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