Arroyo Grande Weather And Averages

Arroyo Grande, California weather is influenced by the Pacific Ocean, located a mere mile distance from the city. The Alaskan currents provide a cooling effect to the Central Coast in which Arroyo Grande is located, and this unique cooling effect that occurs from the Pacific water temps provides a perfect climate for growing wine grapes, among other things.

Arroyo Grande's inland areas do have some excellent wineries. The region seldom sees freezing temperatures and the summer days are rarely hot. It's the perfect spot, actually, for those who love mellow, slightly cool weather. While Arroyo Grande has actually experienced temperatures of 108 degrees, setting a local record, the hottest average temperature of any months are September and October when you might expect the daytime high to top out around 73 degrees! Winter's daytime average highs are in the mid-60s, so you have this amazing, hardly changing weather pattern all year long.

As for rain, December, January and February get the most rain, on average, and during the summer months of May through September, don't expect any heavy rainstorms or much rain at all because it rarely rains during these months.


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