Baker, California Weather

Baker, California, home to the World's Largest Thermometer, better have a lot of space on that measuring device to record the highest temps, which have eclipsed 120 degrees!

During the warmest month of the year, July, the temperature reached 124 degrees—hot! And it reached it not once, but several times. It's not surprise actually. On an average day in June, we're checking out the temps and see that it's 119.

If you don't like the heat, Baker isn't the place to take a vacation. Not that you would normally do so. The road stop on 1-5 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas doesn't have many residents. And hotels—no!

No hotter or cooler than Las Vegas, however, Baker is just one of the places along that long & lonesome desert where people decided stay and when you visit or stop to put some gas in your car or vehicle, just remember that it's going to be hot outside if you're passing through in the summer.

Rainfall in Baker is scarce. There is less than 4 inches of rain in an entire year (on average)! You're really not going to need an umbrella when you pass through but you always should keep lots of emergency water in your car when driving in the arid, hot desert.


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