Berkeley, CA Weather, Average Temperatures

Berkeley is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and as such, has been known for its often cool fog banks that can quickly roll in, creating an instant need for sweaters and jackets. However, the climate has changed and fog has lessened  during the past several decades.

Like any coastal or bay city you may want to dress in layers for changing conditions. Being too hot in San Francisco and Berkeley is seldom a problem. The highest average daytime temperature during the hottest summer months climbs to around 72 degrees, not bad by any standards. One of the most moderate climates anywhere, the difference between day and night time temperatures is seldom more than 15 degrees, unlike other places where it is not uncommon to experience double that amount.

If you're seeking sunshine and hope to avoid rain, the month of July only sees .07 inches, barely any precipitation. Between May and October is a window of opportunity in which rainfall generally isn't much of a problem for tourists.

The best bet for trips and vacations to Berkeley is to take a light jacket most any time of year.  As for snow? It is very unlikely that you will experience snowfall in Berkeley.  In 1990 the temperature reached was 24F, cold enough to snow, but it was one of those rare occurrences, and everything warmed back up fairly quickly.


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