Big Bear Lake, California Weather


Big Bear Lake in Southern California is one of those rare, 4 seasons destinations. Its location at over 7,000' elevation in the San Bernardino mountain range makes for winters with snow! From the beaches of Southern California you can stand in the warm, sunny 70 degree weather and see snow on the mountains where Big Bear Lake is located.

On one side of the mountains is the California desert, which means that conditions can arise that blow the warm desert air into the forests of Big Bear Lake during the summer months. The highest average temperature is around 94 degrees in July—much warmer than the beach! In fact, the hottest temperature on record at Big Bear Lake was recorded in 2007, though many swear they've felt warmer temperatures on rare occasion.

Winters, on the other hand, are the time when everyone hopes for cold and snow, though maybe not quite as cold as 1979 when the gage recorded a chilly -25F.  Each winter there is snow, and often you'll find a dusting of the white stuff by Christmas when the Village tree lighting ceremonyTakes place.  Tourists never know, though they do book their hotels ahead of the special holiday and keep their fingers crossed that there will be some. The ski resorts have perfected the art of making snow so that everyone can get a fair share of winter skiing and snowboarding. The rainiest- snow month is February, and that's your best chance of finding snow for skiing.


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