Bishop Weather, Average Temperatures


Bishop California's unique location surrounded by a National Forest and Death Valley National Park provides for some interesting weather influenced by the Sierra Nevada mountains, the desert and the city's elevation above sea level.

Summers are generally hot and dry so you definitely want to bring cool clothing that doesn't absorb the summer sunshine. However, nights cool down and the temperatures can be incredibly pleasant, generally less than 60 degrees at night. That's awesome, blanket weather, even in the hottest summer season.

Winters are chilly and night time temps are below freezing for several months running so you will need winter clothes such as coats and gloves when you visit Bishop during the winter months. Rainfall is scant, however, and snow is seldom much of an issue as no single month in the year gets even an inch of rain or precipitation on average. So for those heading for Bishop, plan for dressing in layers, having a jacket even during the hottest summer months, and take plenty of water as the dry, desert climate can dehydrate and cause you to feel ill from overheating.


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