Commerce, CA Weather Averages, High, Low


Commerce, CA

100 Citadel Drive, Suite 480

Commerce, CA 90040

Shown in the photo, it's December in the City of Commerce, California as holiday shoppers take home their gift purchases from The Citadel. The gorgeous weather is not unusual for that time of month. Tourists love winters in and around Los Angeles.

Framed by the mountains of the Angeles National Forest a mere 18 miles north, and also influenced by the Pacific Ocean breezes 18 miles west,  the City of Commerce enjoys pleasant weather all year long.

July is typically the hottest month but a record was set when the daytime air temperature hit a toasty 112 degrees in June one year. The average daytime summer temps on the hottest days are around 90 degrees, dropping into pleasant evenings with a mellow 65 degrees.

Winter snows—you'll probably never see them. The coldest temperatures at night in the winter months hit 47 degrees, though colder temps do occur on rare occasion.

When the Easter Bunny visits in the spring and Commerce hosts its Annual Egg Hunts in its four parks, expect the weather to be in the 70s most days.

Commerce is only a few miles distance from downtown Los Angeles, and enjoys the amenities of city life along with some of the best weather in the world. When the coast gets fog and June Gloom, Commerce can often be immune to the overcast days and will enjoy sunshine.


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