Dana Point, CA Weather Temps and Rainfall


Dana Point, Calif. in Orange County south of the Los Angeles, has even better weather than L.A., most say. As you stroll the wharf or take a whale watching cruise in the spring to the see the whale migrations off the Pacific Coast, you need a jacket for the breezes. But knowing that the average daytime high in March is around 68 degrees provides an idea of what you are in for—absolutely fabulous weather.

From March to April the chance of rain drops significantly and by May - through October, don't be looking for rain showers because you probably won't see them. The summer month have only scant, odd little rain showers that are considered unusual.

With the average daytime high temperature never below 67 all year and never above 79 degrees, Dana Point provides dream weather. At night during even the warmest months you may see the temps drop to the average lows of 60 degrees, which is by no means uncomfortable, and actually makes for great sleeping weather.

During the winter from December to March, look for night time lows to dip to 44 degrees and daytime highs to hover around 67. Dana Point gets no more than 12 to 13 inches of rain per year, which means your change of visiting and getting rain is not something you should count on. Dressing in layers in this Mediterranean climate is the best approach to traveling light and being dressed just right. The attire is California casual so you don't need anything dress-up or fancy.


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