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Indio, California weather is hotter than beach temperatures cooled by the ocean breezes. Those ocean breezes are blocked by a range of mountains that help to create the desert environment known for its hot summers and perfect winters that are considered premium travel times. Snowbirds or tourists and residents of cold weather climates actually come and reside in the places such as Indio for the winter months till the temperatures begin to rise, and the snow in the homelands have melted, making for desirable living.

Indio has one of the earliest California county fairs on the calendar year and this is no accident. The weather is a big factor in planning the Indio Date Festival and Riverside County Fair, usually in February. As for rain—there's very little of it all year long.

In Indio, Calif. July is the average warmest month, and the  highest recorded temperature was 123F in 1970. The lowest recorded temperature was 13F in 1937.


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